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  • Derek Harper

    Derek Harper Season 1, Episode 4 | Aired: February 1, 2019

    B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion: TWO IS ONE

    Kitakore are being filmed for a special documentary about their idolhood by Fanatical Continent. They then seperate for their individual work; Tsubasa accompanies Ryuji to discuss a CM for a cosmetic brand while Tomohisa goes to attend a shoot for a romantic drama called 'Long Vacance' with Mikado and Kento. Ryuji becomes a bit tense when he learns he is supposed to act sexy and mature for the CM. He hesitantly goes along with it, resulting the CM receiving mixed reviews. On the otherhand, Tomohisa has problems of his own when he struggles with a confession scene. He keeps quiet about this from Ryuji who later finds out from Kazuna. Before the filming, Tomohisa tries to get some advice from Tsubasa until Ryuji interrupts and he questions him about his romantic life. This prompts Tomohisa to have a flashback of his first meeting with a girl whom he claimed looked like Ryuji, unaware that it was actually Ryuji. Using this memory, Tomohisa is finally able to act out the confession scene. Ryuji also makes his resolve by persuading the director to change the theme of the CM using his idea for the cosmetic brand which becomes a success. The episode ends with Yashamaru watching Kitakore's interview on TV in a hotel room. He appears proud of Kitakore until Tsubasa stumbles into the frame by accident which shocks Yashamaru causing him to start recollecting unpleasant memories, and a vengeful look appears on his face.