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  • Derek Harper

    Derek Harper Season 1, Episode 3 | Aired: January 25, 2019

    Date A Live III: You're Natsumi

    Shido goes on a date with Kotori, Kaguya, Miku, Ai Mai Me, Tama sensei and Origami but is still unable to determine who Natsumi is disguising as. As a result, Natsumi causes more people to disappear and only Kotori, Kaguya, Miku and Origami is left. The 4 remaining girls and Shido gather together to brainstorm on the identity of Natsumi. Natsumi appears and informs them that they only have 3 guesses left. During the brainstorming, they discuss the possibility that Natsumi might actually be one of those that have already disappeared. Origami also comments that Natsumi might not actually be a person literally. She stabs a knife through the photos to ensure that Natsumi is not hiding herself as a photo. The group guess wrongly twice and both Kaguya and Origami is sucked up by as a result. Miku loses hope and passes her hair ornament to Shido and comments that she doesn't want the hairpin to disappear together with her and wants something for Shido to remember her by. Triggered by Miku's comments on "things disappearing together", as well as the earlier discussion, Shido realizes that Yoshinon the puppet was able to catch his handphone despite Yoshino not being able to see it. Thus Shido is able to guess that Natsumi is disguising herself as Yoshinon the puppet. Natsumi is shocked that she has lost and momentarily loses control of . All the missing people reappears and Natsumi's true form of a little girl is revealed. Natsumi, angry that her true appearance has been seen again, transforms the spirits into a younger version of themselves. Shido is shocked beyond words.