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  • Derek Harper

    Derek Harper Season 1, Episode 3 | Aired: January 18, 2019

    The Price of Smiles: The Soldier of Smiles

    Stella and her squad are send to do recon in a city called Azaria to check if Soleil's army left any supplies. While infiltrating a storage facility, they run into a group of war orphans, who also broke in looking for food. Stella's squad befriends them and gain information from them that leads them to discover that the facility houses a chrars used to grow food. Their commanders order them to take the chrars and destroy the facily. However, during the operation, the squad's leader, Gale Owens, goes back to rescue the orphans, but they refuse of cooperate upon learing who they are. In the end, the operation is a success and Stella gets the orphans to comply by threatening them, but they receive no gratitude for saving them. Afterwards, despite everything that has happened, Stella expresses excitement towards their next mission, causing Gale to worry about her mental health.